vegan ice cream by hand

We set out to create the purest, best tasting vegan

ice cream that’s aligned with our core mission of creating artisan ice cream from scratch and by hand.


To us, this meant taking the time to curate a limited

ingredient list that’s full of pure, natural good stuff - and we reformulated it 25 times to get it just right.


Here's where we landed, just 11 naturally derived ingredients. 

(no) dairy

(no) eggs

(no) honey

owow(no)cow : oat milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, coconut cream, golden syrup, refined coconut oil, cane sugar, arrowroot, pea protein, salt, natural stabilizer

select flavors

Vanilla Salted Caramel

A delicate vanilla & 

handcrafted vegan

salted caramel ice cream

I Hate Vegan Chocolate

Everything that makes our I Hate Chocolate so decadent and wonderful, Vegan style.

A rich dark chocolate ice cream with

swirls of vegan fudge.



When we started sourcing our vegan ingredients, we noticed that most of the nut milks we came across were filled with a scary long list of ingredients. And then we found JOI. Pure nut milks, no fillers or gums. 



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