Local Sourced Ice Cream

From Scratch By Hand


our process

Our ice cream making process begins with sourcing local & organic cream and milk, local cage-free eggs, local raw honey and non-gmo cane sugar. We are one of a handful of ice cream companies in the united states that are licensed by the department of agriculture to make our ice cream base from scratch. 

Our executive chef creates ice cream flavors daily with local roasted fruits & veggies, organic extracts, hand baked inclusions and the finest cocoa. Our ice cream batchers create beautiful works of art in our pans, batching every flavor by hand. Our bakers produce our own cookies for our ice cream sandwiches along with our BTO's (better than oreos) and our monster cookies for Cookie Monstah. Our popsicle specialist hand fills and hand dips each and every pop to perfection. 



Traugers Farm, Bechdolt Orchard, Manoff Orchard, 

Nonesuch Farm, Bedminster Orchard, Blue Moon Acres,

Barefoot Botanicals, Penn Vermont, Scholl Orchards



Our ice cream cases hold twenty four flavors of ice cream. We keep them stocked with twelve signature core flavors that we make year-round at all stores. The other spots are filled with our monthly specials & seasonal favorites along with our dairy-free sorbet and our vegan ice cream.

House Vanilla

I Hate Chocolate


Cookie Monstah

Sweet Honey Cream

Blueberry Lemon

Cashew Caramel

Mint Chocolate Chip

Cookies & Cream

Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip


Honey Lavender

THIS MONTH'S Specials 

🏆 The Young Chef Series  🏆

original flavors from the minds of our Young Grand National Owowcow Recipe Contest Winners, representing each of our five shops ⁠

Flavor Menu:⁠

🍌 Barrel of Monkeys: Fresh Banana ice cream with our homemade snickerdoodle cookie dough, chocolate covered bananas and salted caramel Teagan, Age 3, Chalfont⁠

🥑 Choc-o-mole, Rhymes with Guacamole: Milk chocolate ice cream, house fudge swirl, rainbow waffle cone “chips” and rainbow sprinkles Nolan S., Age 4, Chalfont⁠

🍬 Candyland: Cotton Candy and bubblegum ice cream topped off with real pieces of candy and gum  Zoe, Age 10, Wrightstown⁠

🦄 Gus the Unicorn: Strawberry sorbet with a fresh mango and lime swirl and clusters of rice Krispie treats  Matthew D., Age 12, Lambertville⁠


🍪 The Super Ooey Gooey Ice Cream Sandwich: Milk chocolate ice cream, marshmallow fluff and our house baked chocolate chip cookies rolled in mini chocolate chips John "LJ", Age 5, Ottsville⁠

🥧 Key Lime Pop: key lime ice cream with a graham cracker crust dipped in white chocolate and lime zest Brynn, Age 11, Chalfont⁠

🥭 Fruit "Salid" Pop: our first ever sorbet push pop with strawberry lemonade, lime and mango sorbets Terralyn, Age 6, Easton ⁠

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